The roofing division of MMI Steel Mills is Kiboko Precoated Sheets that produce roofing sheets that find applications in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. These are available as corrugated, Inverted Box Rib IBR), bull nose profiles in bare and pre-painted formats. We also offer a full range of roofing accessories. Our products are visually appealing, aesthetically designed and extremely durable.

Due to rapid demand growth in 1999-2000, MMI Steel Mills Ltd installed and commissioned a plant to make corrugated galvanized roofing sheets (the local term is MABATI). Our roofing sheets go under the umbrella brand KIBOKO. In 2001-2002, under a modernization drive, a new corrugated galvanization plant was put in place increasing our production capacity to 54,000 metric tons per annum.

As part of the ongoing effort to bring to the market value added products, MMI Steel Mills has also introduced aluminium zinc coated roofing sheets, aluzinc for short, in Tanzania under the brand Kiboko Imara. It is a long term strategic move to broaden our product offering, enter new markets in the region, boost realizations and be part of the world wide shift from galvanized to aluzinc roofing.

With the latest French Spray Technology, incorporated in the production process, various colors and profiles can be realized to suit our customer’s bespoke requirements. The installed capacity of the plant is 20,000 metric tonnes and has been at full production since 2005.

Our facilities are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and TBS approved.