To provide a complete solution for all cable requirements of industrial and government sector, NEELKANTH CABLES LIMITED (NCL) has been set up to fill the gap. NCL has been conceived as a 100% self-sufficient plant right from the manufacturing of raw materials to the finished product conforming to ZABS standards.

Zambian markets were saddled with below par products from across the borders due to oligopoly of a handful of local manufacturers. NCL wishes to provide an economic and quality alternative to the Zambian and neighbouring markets.

NCL plans to cater to the low voltage (1100 Volts) market. The product range would cover PVC and XLPE Insulated Cables for domestic and industrial applications. The commencement of NCL’s first phase of low voltage cable manufacturing will also set in motion the next phase of expansion for setting up of the medium and high voltage cables manufacturing divisions. NCL plans to include 33kv cable as part of its total offering to the market.

The social aspect of NCL will be in its ability to generate employment for the local youth of Ndola. NCL has planned to employ the majority of its workforce locally which would be trained by experienced expats from the cable industry. Cable manufacturing being a labour intensive industry, NCL would provide a good opportunity for the local youth to learn skills and be gainfully employed.