Our Real Estate

A major contributor to the growth in the real estate industry in Tanzania, M M ESTATE has been for long, a trusted name, It is known for construction of high quality, high rise buildings for the corporate, residential and hospitality sectors. Some examples of major projects of note include Neelkanth Tower, Yogi Sadan, Umoja Ya Vijana, Sun Plaza amongst others. Umoja Ya Vijana ranks among one of the tallest high-rises in Dar-Es-Salaam.

M M Estate has mastered the architectural, engineering and project management skills to take on complex projects. Projects from M M Estate stand out as beautiful, modern architectural creations with a deep understanding of its customer needs for safety and offers a lifetime of value.

Using it’s over decade long valuable experience and project successes, M M Estate is transcending Tanzanian borders and developing projects in other countries. It has earned the reputation of completing complex projects and meeting two key requirements – project completion and handover within the stipulated time and budget. Its customer service is exemplary.

By ably meeting core customer requirements and unstated desires, M M Estate has led to a high demand for its projects. M M Estate is currently engaged in several growth sectors.

Rising across Africa

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