Chairman's Message

Welcome to The Motisun Group! At the outset, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2016! Considering the present state of the world economy, 2016 promises to be a year full of challenges. However, we believe the strong foundations we have laid will hold us in good stead.

Our faith in Tanzania and its people has remained undiminished ever since my father started business with a small shop around 80 years ago. It was from this humble shop that we have grown into a leading business house in Tanzania, with increasing investments into several ventures from trading to manufacturing, hospitality to steel, plastics to paints, from packaged drinking water to carbonated soft drinks and many more.

I am happy to share that in the past year we have taken several strides in expanding our business in areas where we think we have a competitive advantage. MMI Steel Tanzania launched Aluzinc roofing sheets under the brand name Kiboko Imara. MMI Steel Mozambique was able to capture significant volumes in the roofing market particularly in northern and western Mozambique. Several product introductions and upgrades in packaging were done. Kiboko Plastics introduced its new 3-layer water tanks in a uniquely stylish look!

Our hospitality business has a new feather in its cap with the opening of Sea Cliff Court The Residence, an annex to our already popular Sea Cliff Court brand. Our 9-hole championship golf course, the first of its kind in Zanzibar also opened in 2015 at our 5* property, Sea Cliff Resort & Spa. The course has state of the art facilities including 20 golf carts all equipped with GPS capabilities allowing for a stress free round of golf!

Sayona Drinks has gone in aggressively to expand its range of offerings in the fruit juice segment by introducing new flavours. A similar effort was done for carbonated drinks where our brand Twist continues to grow in a very competitive market. Our forays in iron ore and coal mining and cement sectors have also seen significant advances.

Internally, we have an energized workforce and special emphasis was placed in gearing them for new challenges and building a cohesive workforce with a common vision.

We are continuing with our focus of making the Motisun Group brand stronger and bringing all businesses under the common fold of its vision, mission and values. The shared vision and values, I firmly believe is the binding glue we need to forge forward in a very challenging year ahead.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my employees, customers, business partners, communities and suppliers who have and continue to play a vital role in our growth; we would not be where we are without their unwavering support.

Rising across Africa

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